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Front Yards/Entrances

A front yard should be simple and inviting. The design incorporates curving lines towards your entrance, which should be landscaped to be a beautiful gateway to your home.


By using natural stone, pre-cast stone, or a combination of the two, Forevergreen can design and implement a walkway to your home that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and durable. Bordered by well-groomed shrubs, small trees and flowers can tie in the elements of your front yard for an attractive and welcoming entrance.

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A slight garden modification that can create a dramatic change to your front yard garden is the addition of a landscaped berm, which is a narrow mound or shelf of earth. Adding highs and lows to a front yard creates an interesting landscape and is an easy way to accentuate your garden. A berm is also an effective way to retain moisture within your garden after a rain or watering making it as functional as it is attractive. Consider a raised garden with a few small trees, surrounded by a border of natural rocks.

Water Features

Many families are interested in the implementation of small fish ponds in their front yard, which Forevergreen can help you design and implement to work in your yard. For larger front yards looking to accentuate their home with elegant European designs, the introduction of a fountain of stone or cast iron can really bring the look together. Check out our Water Features Page for more information.


Introducing lighting to your front walkway can give better visibility in the evening, making your front yard safer. There is a growing selection of solar-powered outdoor lighting which is easy to install and come in attractive and unique designs. Ask a Forevergreen expert about your options.

With some planning and care, Forevergreen can transform your front yard into a gateway to welcome your friends, family, neighbours and guests into your home.

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