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Backyard Living Spaces

A backyard style that is uniquely yours makes your outdoors a personal space for your family to enjoy through all seasons. Our professionally designed landscapes and gardens for your backyard space reflect your home and family.

There are a few base factors that are usually incorporated into every Forevergreen backyard:

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The first, and most overlooked, aspect in creating a backyard living space is determining your stylistic goal. Think about the words that you want to apply to your backyard space. Are you looking for a modern landscape with the homey touches that make a perfect place for summer barbeques? Do you prefer the look of rustic, cottage spaces, with colourful country gardens? Others prefer European-inspired spaces, usually incorporating large water features, while backyard dinner parties might warrant a classic Victorian style with English gardens. Once you have a sense of the feeling you want your space to have, then all of the elements of the backyard will be able to be tied together.


For many people, a beautiful garden is your first priority for your backyard living space. If you’ve attempted a garden but been discouraged (convincing yourself that you just lack the proverbial “green thumb”), don’t give up. The first key to a beautiful garden is planning. A garden planned for your backyard’s soil, sunlight and grading can be even more attractive, and many times easier to maintain yourself.

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Sitting Area

From a standard patio set to unique seating arrangements, every backyard should have room for relaxing and socializing. This is an area for you and your guests to sit and enjoy the outdoors, so the landscape should be pleasing from every angle.

Protection from the Elements

In at least one area of your backyard, typically the seating area, you should have some protection from the elements. This includes a covered area, as well as a larger shaded area. The covered area, so the outdoors can be enjoyed through light rain (often the time your garden will be most beautiful), may only be a simple umbrella over your patio furniture; however, the shaded area is also an important part of a strategic, practical landscape design. While some of your guests may prefer to bask in the sun, others feel uncomfortable in the heat for extended periods of time, so a well-planned area of trees, structures, or a combination of the two, is usually best for backyards for entertaining.

Water Feature

The soothing sounds of water vastly improve the overall appeal of your backyard and create a relaxing atmosphere, but many people are discouraged by the apparent cost of water features and intimidated by the maintenance. Forevergreen offers affordable installed water features that enhance your backyard living space and are easy to maintain. From small trickling features to larger stone fountains, a water features can be special element for every backyard style. Check out our Water Features Page for more information.

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