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Serving the Oakville, Burling, Milton, Campbellville, and the Halton Region for over 25 years, we have overseen hundreds of projects from the initial stages of landscaping design right through to completion for residential and commercial clients alike. Their team of professional experts ensure that with every job that Forevergreen accepts; that it is completed with the utmost attention paid to detail.

Forevergreen offers residential and commercial lawn care services (mowing and trimming, spring and fall clean-up, and lawn maintenance), snow removal in the wintertime, landscaping design (sod, gardens, stonework, and retaining walls), and excavation (drainage systems and construction). With an effective landscaping company such as Forevergreen, one brings a higher value to their property and creates an enjoyable space for those that use it. We have received much customer praise for our efforts. With every project we take, we put our reputation on the line and we take pride on being able to deliver every time.

Residential Services

For high quality landscaping services in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and the Halton Region, look no further than Forevergreen Landscaping and our team of professional experts dedicated to creating exceptional landscapes for all of our residential clients.

Residential Landscape Design

The landscape design of your dreams can now become a reality through the high quality services of Forevergreen, who have been assisting residential clients for over 25 years in turning their vision into a reality.

Residential Maintenance

Certain times of the year, your property would benefit from a little maintenance, and there’s no better choice to assist you than Forevergreen who have established a twenty-five year reputation in delivering services of the highest quality.

Seasonal Residential Service

With Forevergreen, you get clean-up services year-round where we can assist you in clearing property of debris in the fall, plowing snow in the winter, and making it beautiful in the spring and summertime.

Commercial Landscaping

We’ve worked with many small businesses and corporate clients in the past, all of whom have contributed to a twenty-five year reputation as a leader in landscaping services. Get started with us today.

Commercial Landscaping Design

Every commercial client comes with a unique vision for what they see ahead for their property. We understand that. That’s why we ensure that this vision is adhered to every step of the way in the landscaping design.

Commercial Maintenance

If you have a commercial property in need of maintenance, know that Forevergreen remains committed to offering a top quality commercial service of the highest grade.

Seasonal Commercial Service

Whether you need assistance clearing snow or sprucing up your property in springtime, we can ensure that your property is optimized for the season ahead.

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