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Creating an Outdoor Waterfall for Your Home

The presence of water and the addition of an outdoor artificial water fall around the landscape of your home is always a thrilling sight. The beautiful combination of rocks and flowing water creates visual appeal and an attractive, peaceful and appealing landscape. The structure and style of your waterfall depends on the current landscape, pond and garden. In cases where a pond exists we will integrate your new waterfall perfectly. If a pond does not current exist we will create the perfect outdoor pond for your landscape.


Pond or Pool Waterfall?

There are two main types of waterfalls: pond waterfalls and pool waterfalls. Depending on what the homeowner is looking for, the available space and the type of landscaping around the property each type of waterfall has its benefits. Forevergreen Landscaping specializes in both pool and pond waterfalls for residents of Milton, Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington.

Pool Waterfalls: A pool waterfall adds the essence of beauty and elegance to an existing pool. Combined with rock features and additional landscaping a pool waterfall can be a perfect addition to your pool landscaping.

Pond Waterfalls: a waterfall in your garden will make your home absolutely outstanding, and the cynosure of every eye. Forevergreen Landscaping can help you create the perfect waterfall, garden pool, and fountains design for your home landscape for an extra touch of flowing elegance.

In addition to Pool and Pond Waterfalls there are also two major types of outdoor waterfall you can build for your home:


Formal Waterfall

A formal waterfall is built to look similar to a staircase. Formal waterfalls are designed with geometric lines and right angles. Formal waterfalls are often constructed with bricks, block of stones or poured concretes. Homeowners in Halton living in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga, can easily take advantage of the quality services rendered by Forevergreen Landscaping to build unique formal waterfalls, fountains and garden pool that suits the design and landscape of their homes.


Informal Waterfall

An informal waterfall is constructed and designed to appear like a natural waterfall. It is uniquely designed to look similar to a waterfall that you stumbled upon while wood hiking. Most often, boulders, rocks, driftwood and gravel are used to construct informal waterfalls. Residents in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga, can contact Forevergreen Landscaping for beautiful informal waterfalls, garden pool or fountains design that will complement and add value to their estate property.


Getting the Right Design

A badly constructed waterfall may turn out to be a disaster to the landscape and homeowner. One of the delicate aspects of constructing a waterfall is determining the appropriate height.

If a waterfall is constructed too high it will overshadow the pond below. If it is built too small it will vanish along the shoreline. Also, the height of the waterfall or fountain will affect water loss and sound. Forevergreen Landscaping offers professional waterfall building designs.


For homeowners in Halton living in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga Forevergreen Landscaping can help you construct perfect outdoor waterfalls with soothing sounds of falling water, and fountains and with the right height and pool size for your delight.


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