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Three Signs That It's Time to Call a Professional

We know that, especially for small to mid-sized businesses, the decision to hire a professional landscaper is not an easy one. Whatever the reason is that you're feeling held back, we want to make the decision easier. Consider the criteria below, and if any fit you and your business, it may be time to schedule a consultation with a Forevergreen Expert.


The number one reason that our small businesses clients initially contact us is not because they require elaborate or complicated landscaping; it's because even the most basic lawn maintenance can be very time consuming for someone inexperienced. Mowing, pruning, fertilizing and debris clean-up are just a few of the simple tasks that the professionals at Forevergreen can handle with ease. On the other hand, coordinating these necessary jobs with your business schedule when you plan to do them yourself is usually difficult and often impossible. We want to do our best working with you so that you have the time to do what your business does best.

This applies to almost all large businesses, most mid-size businesses and some small business, depending on the size of your property. You wouldn't show up to a meeting with a new potential client looking disheveled and unprofessional, but you may not even realize that before your client sees you and the inside of your business, they may already have that impression. You know that first impressions are everything, and your potential clients' first impression of your business is the landscape that they see arriving at your business. This image that your company portrays can make or break a deal, before you even get a word in. Call Forevergreen so that we can impress you and your potential clients.


You can never control every variable in your landscape, and that can make it hard, sometimes even for the professionals, to identify the cause of a problem. If you have inexplicable dry patches of grass, trees that look poor or diseased, or your flowers simply won't grow, we can get to the root of the problem and find an alternative or a solution. If you're having an issue with your garden or landscape, don't fret if you can't solve it on your own. Whether it's been a persistent issue or something that just arose, call us for a consultation. Our team of experts are some of the most knowledgeable professionals you'll find and can efficiently identify and resolve your landscaping problems.




Permits and Permissions

As your local landscaping expert, we at Forevergreen know how to make your large landscaping project run as smoothly as possible. With the experience you expect, we can cut through the red tape of government and conservation authorities in the Oakville and Halton Area. With extensive knowledge of the ins-and-outs of Oakville's by-laws as they pertain to commercial and residential landscaping, we can avoid any unpleasant surprises as you improve your business facade.

We are fully capable and experienced in handling the permits and/or documentation required by:

  •  The Town of Oakville and surrounding municipalities
  •  The province of Ontario
  •  The Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC)
  •  The Halton Conservation authority
  •  The local Heritage societies

Approaching the lists of rules and regulations may seem insurmountable on your own. By partnering with the expert landscaping professionals in Oakville, ON, you can be assured that your business is in good hands.


If you have any questions about how permission for your project can be obtained, or how Forevergreen will help you and your business, call us at 905-469-4551.


Top 4 Commercial Landscaping Tips

At Forevergreen, we know that being a business owner is tough, and landscaping is the last thing you want to worry about. We can utilize your property to give your potential clients the best possible impression of your business. We'll implement a landscape that uses some of our Top 4 Tips for the best commercial landscape:


Colouring Your Business

Just because your business is conservative or highly formal, doesn't mean that all of your landscaping should be. Your landscape can effectively reflect your business without being strict and monotonous. It's important to add some colour to your property for two reasons. One, the splash of colour is eye-catching and inviting. We are naturally drawn to bright colours and you want your appearance to pull people in. Two, the theme of a single bright colour can differentiate your property from those in the surrounding area. For business, we typically work with one colour theme for a unified, complete look. Ideally, we can closely match the colour theme with the predominant colour or combination of colour tones found in your company logo, which can create a highly effective underlying message.

Showcasing Your Business

A common sense approach to a landscape design is important, but often not taken. We see far too many commercial properties where large trees or overgrown shrubs reduce visibility of a business from the road, or even block important signage for the business. While the landscaping might be beautiful, the most important part of commercial landscaping is showcasing your business. At Forevergreen Landscaping, we make sure that your plants and property don't hide your business but put it on display.

Maintaining Your Business

A beautifully designed and implemented landscape is one thing, but if it isn't kept up, you won't reap the long-term benefits of an attractive property. At Forevergreen we offer you the complete package from idea, to build, to upkeep. It is important to maintain an attractive curb appeal at <em>all</em> times, summer or winter, rain or shine, snow or sleet. You never know when that perfect client is going to drive by your property for the first time, and first impressions are key. Passers-by will make assumptions about you and your business based on the appearance of your commercial property, so it's integral that you ensure those people make the right assumptions.

Call Forevergreen Landscaping!

From start to finish, and for years and years to follow, Forevergreen can create and maintain the perfect landscape to highlight your business and commercial property. Call us today at 905-469-4551 for top of the line expertise in commercial landscaping.


Our passion and commitment to quality is unmatched. For over 25 years we have provided landscape services to residents and businesses alike.

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